DataCore Swarm

Software-Defined Object Storage Solution for On-Premise and Private Cloud Environments

Are you struggling to protect and make your increasing flood of data retrievable or enable decentralized content sharing? Tapes are inexpensive, but the data is not instantly retrievable. They are also difficult to manage. The public cloud often presents challenges of unpredictable recurring costs and local performance and data protection requirements.

DataCore Swarm is an on-premise object storage solution that simplifies data management, storage and protection while providing S3/HTTP access for any application, device and end user. Swarm transforms your data archive into a flexible, instantly accessible content library that enables decentralized workflows, on-demand access and massive scalability.

A scalable platform that can continuously evolve to bundle any x86 servers, HDDs, and SSDs and provide 95 percent data storage capacity.

Automates storage and infrastructure management so a single system or IT administrator can manage dozens or even hundreds of PBs.

Includes a Web-based user interface and API that simplifies management of hundreds of servers, billions of files, thousands of clients, and PBs of data.

Scalable parallel architecture ensures that all servers can perform all functions and performance can be scaled linearly.

SWARM ideally complements our data management solution central ONE – this NODEUM-certified S3 object store supports central ONE’s AI/KI-optimized metadata concept almost perfectly as an active archive and without its own database. Available as software-defined (commodity hardware) or also as an ultra-fast NVMe appliance, SWARM also meets all infrastructure requirements.

Also worth mentioning is the perfect 7×24 service 365 days a year, provided for both DataCore and NODEUM by our service partner StorTrec. And this in our target markets EUROPE and the USA.

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