Software replacement

Do you have problems with ‘outdated’ software?

The systems are proprietary, can only be administered with enormous effort or are neither supported nor further developed or are subject to technical restrictions?

CentralONE® solves your problems especially in these environments:

Spectrum Protect

The software is complex and difficult to administrate.

Administrators are hard to find, expensive when they are, and a single point of failure.

centralONE® replaces Spectrum Protect, is easy to administrate and future-proof.


This proprietary format is not very suitable for AI applications.The result is restricted usability of the data and dependency on the manufacturer. CentralONE® replaces HPSS and migrates the data into open formats.


Bet on the wrong horse?

Further development and support are no longer available?

CentralONE® replaces Stronglink and is future-proof thanks to SOA and Open Source.