GRAU DATA has developed a data harvester for the qualification and classification of unstructured data sets. This harvester can read out and analyze all, but in particular also the extended (embedded) metadata from over 400 file formats, including very industry-specific ones. This continuously indexed information can be stored in a database. The MetadataHub makes the information available for query and processing in subsequent processes.

By using the Central ONE Data Mover, the user is enabled to make the corresponding data (files) available to other storage media or processes, but also to long-term archives.

Through this process-related linkage, it is now not only possible to analyze sources and enrich them with data, but it is now also possible to clean up or relieve targets and create long-term archives with contextual reference.

S3 Object versioning on tape

Data management with GRAU DATA is closely linked to the efficient use of tape.
As a module in centralONE, we use the functionalities of XtreemStore for the efficient outsourcing of versioned S3 objects in an active long-term archive scenario.

Based on meta attributes, XtreemStore groups data and controls the outsourcing to data pools on tape based on rules. Through vertical and horizontal scaling options, billions of objects can be stored with high performance and redundancy.

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