xiRAID is the world’s first and fastest software RAID for the new generation of storage, that not only protects your directly attached flash drives, but also those connected via NVMe-oF™. Learn more why xiRAID performance is superior to any hardware RAID controller, and the level of reliability is even greater.

Using xiRAID instead of a traditional hardware RAID controller gives our customers additional storage performance, better TCO and simpler system maintenance.

1 Much faster than hardware RAID controllers
2 Independent from hardware upgrades and modifications
3 Simple migration between storage systems
4 Saves one PCIe slot (for even more NVMe drives or extra connectivity)
5 Unlimited product lifetime
6 Immune to physical damage
7 Works with NVMe-oF™ devices

xiSTORE is a Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution for the HPC and AI market, based on xiRAID, the fastest and most reliable RAID engine, combined with Lustre FS clustered file system and commodity hardware, to provide efficient, flexible and scalable storage infrastructure.

Outstanding Reliability
RAIDs 5, 6, 7.3, N+M/nested/declustered
High-availability cluster
Silent data corruption protection
Unbeatable Performance
Based on xiRAID – the fastest RAID engine
Industry fastest drive rebuild time
Seamless Integration
Distributed FS support
Virtual Machines Management support
No hardware lock-in